Dr. Catherine Argyros

'Preventative Medicine and Wellness is the most Sacred Gift anyone can offer themselves.'

Hello and welcome

Hello and Welcome

My name is Catherine Argyros, and I am a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncturist, body-worker, and yoga teacher. I am also a mother, and like many of you I have concerns regarding the impact our lifestyle choices have, not just on ourselves, but our families, and our planet.

I love modern medicine and appreciate its importance in our well-being, however there are many gentle alternatives we should be utilizing first before reaching for the medicine cabinet. By doing so, we not only avoid nasty side effects, we also end up treating the root cause, thereby resolving the issue once and for all. Its these simple, effective, and time-tested approaches I want to share with you.

Furthermore, I hear a lot of dis-empowered speak when it comes to people and their health. I want to clear that up for you and help empower you in that process.

Most importantly, it’s the preventative measures I want to share with you here. I am excited to see science is catching up and many of the practices shared here are research based, making them proven, effective, and safe.

I offer workshops, retreats and yoga classes. I cover such topics as "learning to live in accordance with nature' " our bodies natural rhythms' 'green living' 'weight loss and detox' 'balancing the energetic body'.


Why do i call myself a barefoot doctor?

Noun: A lay health care worker, especially in rural China, trained to perform tasks such as providing first aid, assisting in childbirth, and dispensing drugs.

This meant they worked in conjunction with the seasons and their immediate environment. ‘All within a day’s walk’, was the term used because the herbs and foods they utilized were sourced within that time frame.

They understood that everything the individual needed was directly available to them and that the best medicines were the ones flourishing in that season, climate, time and place.

They also understood the vital link between the human being and their environment, honouring

the microcosmic and macro cosmic connection, thus creating a seasonal approach that was intimately linked between the individual and their surroundings.

Wellness is not just about living well, it is about living in harmony with our landscape both within and without, it’s about being responsible, empowered, and self-aware.

Most importantly, in those days they were paid when their client was well not sick.

How revolutionary!

Now, this truly supports the wellness industry.  I would like to see a return to this preventative measure as we all understand and appreciate, ‘prevention is far better than cure’.

Finally, as a yoga instructor and birth support person I often, literally, find myself barefooted.  There are many other practitioners who have adopted this generic term, the more the merrier I say!  

'This approach keeps me grounded in a role that is a service to my clients and community!'

Evolution depends 

on humanity returning to a simpler life. As we increasingly live further and further away from nature our connection becomes broken and results in disease and unease on many levels, resulting in the epidemic of lifestyle-related illnesses we see in our modern world.

It's my aim to help others reclaim their connection and live with awareness. My approach is to nourish the body and spirit whilst bringing balance and harmony. This requires a returning to our natural state, the one in which we live in accordance with nature, seasonal eating, and treating the body with the respect it and we deserve.

Our bodies not only need to last us a lifetime, but we also want them to work well-bringing quality to our life. I do believe in many ways it’s not as hard or expensive as people think. I hope to share simple truths and wisdom that can help us in the short and long term.

My areas of interest include:

  • women's health, pregnancy, labour support, pre, and post-natal support
  • turning breech, optimal delivery, induction
  • musculoskeletal conditions, lumbar pain, sciatica, sacroiliac joint pain, stiff neck, and shoulders.
  • dietetics, gut health, IBS, weight loss, the art of fermentation, detox and fasting
  • stress, anxiety, and depression
  • palliative care
  • grief, and loss
  • wellness plans
  • vertigo, and foggy head
  • Hashimoto's and other auto immune disorders
  • preventative medicine and adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • meditation, mindfulness, and yoga
  • living green, gardening, slow living 
  • working with children and the elderly
  • fibromyalgia 
  • The Wellness Podcast


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My Message

I am passionate about the safe alternatives acupuncture and Chinese medicine can offer.

The push to make Chinese medicine a research-based medicine means we can safely follow proven protocols of treatment. Wherever possible I hope to share this research with you here.

My approach as a healer is to help you understand how to nourish your body and spirit whilst you strive for inner harmony.

This requires you live in accordance with natureseasonal eating, and listening to your body's needs. 

We cover, wholesome foods, yoga, meditation, detoxmassage, ear candling, herbs, acupuncture, cupping, exercise, and lifestyle changes including ritual.

These are just some of the tools I will utilize to not only to help

and support you along your path to wellness.

Most importantly, I will also hope to teach you as much as I can so that you can be proactive, as well as, empowered within that experience.  

I offer my clients support with no judgment.

We share a proactive relationship which is employed to empower you along your path.

'With over 2 decades of clinical experience,  

I continue to keep up to date with the latest information, research, and skills required

 to help my clients live the healthy life they want.'

Private Rebates are Available

    More about Dr. Catherine Argyros

Dr. Catherine is registered with

Catherine has taught kids yoga here

  • Belle Vue Primary School
  • Boorondara Park Primary School
  • Auburn Primary School
  • Deepdene Primary School

Dr. Catherine Argyros holds numerous certificates including:

Chinese Medicine Pearls Seminar on Infertility

presented by Prof Guo Zhi Qiang (2004)


presented by Jane Lyttleton  (2007 AND 2008)


Presented by Tony Reid (2009)


with the Australian Sports Commission (2013)


 Complete Health and Harmony (2014)

Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth

presented by Debra Betts (2014)


presented by Metagenics (2014)


presented by Robert Chu (2015)

Auriculotherapy: Ear Acupuncture

Jim Chalmers (2016)

Integrative TCM 

presented by Clare Pyers (2016)

An Introduction to the Tao of Nutrition

presented by Cathy McNease, Herbalist (2016)

Foundations in Hypnotherapy

presented by John G. Kappas, Ph.D (2017)

Hypnosis in History

presented by John Melton C.HT (2017) 

Past Life Regression Therapist

presented by Michelle Gusy, C.HT,. NLP (2017)

Acupressure for Fertility, Pregnancy & Childbirth

presented by John Kirkwood (2017)

Close to the Bone: Acupuncture Treatments for Low Back Pain 

presented by David Legge (2018)

Close to the Bone: Acupuncture Treatments for Neck Pain 

presented by David Legge (2018)

Fighting Chronic Fatigue 

presented by Dr Matt Van Benshoten (2018)

Supporting Grief with Chinese Medicine

presented by Melissa Monroe, PhD, L.Ac. (2018)

Back on Cycle: Treating Irregular Menstruation with TCM 

presented by Kathleen Albertson, L.Ac. (2018)

Balancing Chakras with Acupuncture, Herbs, and Essential Oils 

presented by Laura Paris, O.M.D., L.Ac. (2018)

Healing the Inner Child

presented by Cheryl O’Neil, C.Ht. (2019)

Leaky Gut, Food Allergies, & Other Modern Disorders: ACUPUNCTURE & Herbs Introduction

presented by Quinn Takei D.O.M, LAc. (2019)

Leaky Gut, Food Allergies, & Other Modern Disorders: ACUPUNCTURE & Herbs Part I

presented by Quinn Takei D.O.M, LAc. (2019)

How to Motivate Patients to Change their Lifestyle

Presented by Anne Bailey (2019)

Essential Oils to Balance the Acupuncture Meridians

presented by Michelle Meramour, CA MSOM (2019)

Mythic & Archetypal Imagery

presented by Cheryl O’Neil, C.Ht. (2019)

Metaphysical Imagery

presented by Cheryl O’Neil, C.Ht. (2019)

Grief & healing

 presented by Aoife Earls ND (2020)

Allergies, IBS, & Chronic infection: Acupuncture, hara & herbs, part i

presented by dr. cole magbanua (2020)


presented by Dr. Cole Magbanua (2020)

Functional Ketogenesis and Intermittent Fasting Masterclass

with Angela Poff PHD, Dr Adrienne Sheck Phd, Cliff Harvey ND, Dr. Dawn Lemanne MD, MPH, Prof. Grant Schofield, Patricia Daly, Prof. Tim Noakes,  Dr. Eric C. Westman and Megan Ramos (2020)

Integrating Fasting into Clinical Care

Dr. Robert G. Silverman (2021)

The Fertility Masterclass

with Amanda Haberecht ND, Belinda Kirkpatrick BHSc (Nat), MRepMed, Rhiannon Hardingham ND, Angela Hywood HD,  Kate Powe ND and Angela Heap DipNT (2021)

Emotional Trauma and Acupuncture

CR Holman, LAc, David Hartmann, Registered Acupuncturist (Nov 2021)

Safety in Providing Acupuncture Treatments for Infectious Diseases

Kimberly McMinn, MPH, LAc (Nov 2021)

An Overview: Five Element Archetypes and Five Spirits Acupuncture

David Hartmann, Registered Acupuncturist (Nov 2022)

Healing the Shen Fire: Five Element Archetypes and Five Spirits Acupuncture

David Hartmann, Registered Acupuncturist (Nov 2022)

The Anti-Aging Acupuncturist

Regan Archibald, Lac., CSSAc. (Nov 2023)

Integrating Fasting into Clinical care

Dr David Silverman (Nov 2023)

intermittent fasting for women

Kira Sutherland (Nov 2023)

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