my Message 

My message is a simple one, that being healthy is cheap and it's being sick that's expensive.

In addition, I often hear that buying organic fruit and vegetables is expensive, similarly, that no one has the time to cook, and meals are no longer celebrated.  

However, we don’t need to buy into all the marketing propaganda,

in fact, you can be fit and healthy without the need to buy expensive foods or expensive gym memberships.   

lifestyle related illness

Life style related illness are the leading cause of chronic illness and death. But, what if i was to tell you that the obesity epidemic, increasing rates of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other chronic and life style related threatening illnesses was something you could do something about?  For yourself and your family.

We are subjected to marketing every day that encourages us to buy ‘fast and convenient’ foods at the expense of our health.  We worship at the altar of 'busy', and have forgotten that life is to be lived, enjoyed, celebrated.  Lets slow down, switch of the phone, the TV, and just connect with ourselves.

busy lives

I completely understand how hectic life can be, there have been times I too have fallen into the same traps.  Here is more about My Journey, where I share my own struggles and challenges.   I'm just like you, and if I can do it, so can you. 


We need to reconnect with those simple truths and wisdom lost and forgotten like our elders in the old people’s homes.

Reclaiming this connection is vital, not just for the individual, but for our society, and our planet as a whole. 

the barefoot doctors

Traditionally Chinese medicine is a preventative medicine,  the barefoot doctor of long ago was paid when their patient was healthy not when they were unwell.   

There is a saying  among the barefoot doctors

"Healing someone when they are unwell is like digging a well when you decide that you are thirsty."

This is what the wellness/health industry needs to be about.  


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