Past events

Information regarding all our past events can be found here.  

Included are our workshops and retreats.  

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Past Events

mind body Clean AYA

mind body clean MNW

Past Events

Past Events

Join mindset coach Dana Smirkin and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Catherine Argyros as they explain tips and tricks to cleanse your mind and body this spring.
Tickets are $27, includes a healthy lunch (supplied) by Eat Fit Food

Please RSVP by Tuesday 29 September

Thursday 22nd of October at
Melbourne Natural Wellness


Mindfulness Yoga Retreat

Mindfulness Yoga Retreat

Past Events

Why Come To Our Events?

Because they allow us to create a healthy, supportive community.   Firstly, you get to meet other like minded folks. 

Further more, you get an opportunity to meet our practitioners. 

 And most importantly, you have an opportunity to share your voice!

Our events can be anything from a free, hour long, meet and greet, to a retreat, getaway where you can relax, and unwind.   

Like all our events, you take things at your own pace.

They are designed to meet your needs, and offer you an opportunity to grow. 

Further more, when you have an opportunity to leave everything behind, you give yourself the space you need to create long lasting change.  

Most importantly, you can do this under the supervision of a professional team.

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