During a time that is already challenging death can bring unhealthy responses. In this second part of our two-part episode, I share a Clearing of the Cords exercise. For part 1 go


Cleansing of the Cords

This exercise is for those times when we experience unhealthy connections to others, addictions, and ourselves.

What is this? It is an exercise you can perform whenever you feel there are negative cords attached to you. These cords may come in the form of anger, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, or triggered responses such as self-harming, addictive behaviours, or negative bonds to others.

I know that folks do a ‘Cutting of the Cords’, exercise, but I am not a big fan of this. I’ll explain why. These cords are still a part of us, they belong to us, they are made up of our energy and our life force. Therefore, I prefer to cleanse, clear, and reabsorb or reclaim the cords.

Make sure to do this as often as you need.

When would we want to clear the cords

When we experience grief, certain feelings such as sadness, and depression, no matter how overwhelming are natural. It’s a passage we must cross. However, some emotions are not healthy. This exercise focuses on those. Emotions such as guilt, anger, or shame. This exercise also aims to clear triggered actions such as, addiction, self-harming, and abuse. However, this may not be enough, if you need help then please find the support of those around you. Keep searching and perhaps seek out the help of a grievance councillor, they offer wonderful support in times of need.

How do we do this exercise?

This exercise cleanses the dark cords that bound us, energetically clearing the cords, and reabsorbing them. This exercise allows us to reclaim those shadow aspects. Do regularly during times of difficulty. First, we grow our power within Dan Tien. This is a power centre. Then we breath the light generated here into the dark cords, once cleansed we reabsorb them. Read below for further details.

Dan Tien

Energetically, the dan tien is  in the area of the womb. The extra meridians, the ren and du mai are considered the most important among the Qi meridians of the energetic body. Ren Mai is the sea of the Yin Channels. The three Yin Channels of each lower limb connect to Ren Mai, which allows their bilateral pathways to communicate. Because of this, Ren Mai has a regulating effect on the Yin Channels of the body. Ren Mai has very close links with the Kidneys and the Uterus. Its function is closely related to pregnancy. It regulates menstruation and nurtures the foetus. “Ren Mai governs the foetus”  Read more HERE

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