The key to a successful detox is preparation.  So this week’s episode is ‘Detox Preparation and Elimination Diet’.

Sometimes the most radical thing we can do is LOVE ourselves!  

Take this time to honour yourself and cultivate a relationship with our bodies. 

This Spring reclaim yourself, and your body, listen to and honour your needs.These few weeks are about getting you into the right headspace for undertaking the program.  

So take your time, watch documentaries or listen to podcasts you find inspiring.  Find ways to help and support your detox preparation and prepare you for your elimination diet. Find the tools to help you along your journey.

Perhaps you want to try skin brushing, or ear candling.  Now is the time to try something new, or just something you know you enjoy.  To point here is to make something that is good for you, also a reward.If you share a home with others, share your plans with them, they may even join you. 

We need a plan! 

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