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Hello and welcome to the introduction to The Wellness Podcast. S01 E01

Are you tired of being sick and tired?  Have you noticed other medications youare on have side effects worse than the condition you're trying to heal?   Are you just over these band aide solutions and want to get to the root cause of your disease?   Maybe you are interested in adopting healthy alternative practices that support a preventative approach?  If that sounds like you then welcome to The Wellness Podcast, where we support healthy living with simple wisdom


Hi everyone, I’m Catherine Argyros, I'm your barefoot doctor, and I’m here to help you live your most connected life possible.  As a healer and a practitioner, the most potent tool I have to offer my client is the knowledge and skill of healing, wellness, and preventative medicine.

This is not an ordinary podcast episode.   Instead it is a short summary to introduce to you exactly what this podcast series is all about.   Think of this episode as the equivalent of an about me page on a website.   It explains the podcast will cover, who I am, and what you can expect going forward.

So why do I call myself the Barefoot doctor you might ask?  

This term comes from days long past.  When the Chinese medicine practitioner was a wandering doctor.  They utilized the surrounding area for herbs and foods to fill prescriptions for their clients. Meaning they worked together with the seasons and their immediate environment. All within a day’s walk, was the term used because the herbs and foods they used were sourced within that time frame. 

Macro Cosmic & Micro Cosmic Connection

They understood the link between the human being and their environment is vital.  Furthermore, they knew that everything the individual needed was directly available to them. Finally, knew that the best medicines were the ones flourishing in that season, climate, time, and place. Thus, creating a seasonal approach that intimately linked the individual and their surroundings.  Thereby honouring the macro-cosmic and microcosmic connection.

Preventative Medicine

Furthermore, another important aspect they shared with their clients was knowledge. This empowered their clients to look after themselves.  Wellness is not just about living well; it’s about living in harmony with our landscape both within and without. It is about being responsible, empowered, and self-aware.

And as a doctor of Chinese medicine myself I've decided to adopt this generic term, I really like it as it embodies exactly what I'm about, and there are a few if of us out there, the more the merrier I say

Most importantly, in those days they were paid when their client was well not sick. How revolutionary! This truly supports the wellness industry. I would like to see a return to this preventative measure as we all understand and appreciate, ‘prevention is far better than cure’.

Finally, as a yoga instructor and birth support person I often, literally, find myself barefooted. This approach keeps me grounded in a role that is a service to my clients and community.

A service for my clients and community

So, this podcast is just an extension of that service, it’s also an extension also of my blog,, where you'll find lots of information that will support you on your journey to your happiest, fullest, healthiest life.  And in a nutshell, that's why I have adopted the term barefoot doctor.

my Experience

With over 15 years' experience I continue to keep up to date with the latest information,  research and skills required to help my clients live the healthy life they want,  so I do all the research and you don't have to.

My interests 

My areas of interest are wide and varied but they include women's health, pregnancy, musculoskeletal conditions, dietetics, gut health, the art of fermentation, detox, stress, anxiety, and depression.  As well as autoimmune diseases, leaky gut, and most importantly preventive medicine and adopting a healthy lifestyle.   As you can probably tell I'm passionate about the safe alternatives acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and alternative medicine has to offer.   The Push to make Chinese medicine a research-based medicine means we can safely follow proven protocols of treatment. 

My Approach

My approach, as a healer, is to help you understand how to nourish your body and spirit whilst you strive for the inner harmony.   We cover wholesome foods, yoga, meditation, exercise, and lifestyle changes which include ritual.   Being research based and coupled with my experience makes this a safe place to gather information but don't let it stand in a way of proper medical advice, I cannot stress this enough,  whether you’re looking at preventative measures or you're dealing with an illness, absolutely use this podcast as an adjunct, but don’t self-medicate or self-diagnosis this way.   We need a team sometimes and hopefully with the information we share here it can help you choose the right one.  Ultimately, it is about sharing easy things that you can do for yourself and your home, and your family, which are simple and safe but effective. 

Why it needs to be multilayered

This is going to be a multi layered approach dealing with home, body, mind, and spirit, because we are multifaceted beings and when we reach a state of imbalance it’s important to approach this on a multifaceted level.  However, it doesn't have to be complex, it can be a series of really simple changes you can utilise at home however combined a make a potent approach, don’t underestimate the tools and information we will be sharing here.  I just want you to see me as a trusted friend she can go and ask advice from.  

What you can expect

Depending on the week you can expect some recipes, or somehow ‘how to do’s’ at home like make your own balms or teas, or maybe a meditation!  One thing I hope to do is keep it fun and interesting so your journey towards healing and wellbeing is a fun one too.  There may be guests and a few experts I want to invite, if you have any questions or things you want me to cover please contact me at

Thank you 

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