Today we interviewed the lovely Kristi Boles.  This busy, successful businesswoman has faced some very difficult challenges in her young life.  Her story is an inspiring one, and we get a glimpse of her courage, strength, and grace.

Kristi Boles – Allied Wellness Director & FounderAllied Health Practice Director | Integrated Nutrition Health Coach | Principle Podiatrist | Public SpeakerRegistered Podiatrist – AHPRA registration board, Australian Podiatry Association, Sports Medicine Australia

Meet Kristi Boles

How open-heart surgery and a diagnosis of Marfan Syndrome in 2011 taught Kristi the value of taking a whole-body approach to her health.

Kristi knows what it is like to be desperately unwell. She endured months of pain, fatigue, insomnia, migraines and eventually heart palpitations before being diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome in 2011.

It turned out she had a dissection of the aorta – in fact, a six-centimetre aneurism at the aortic valve.

After her 10 hour, life-saving, open heart surgery, Kristi struggled to accept how the syndrome would affect her life – she could no longer play contact sport, lift heavy items or perform a number of other everyday tasks.

What’s more, her recovery from surgery was slow and tedious. Kristi’s immune system was weak and her gut health poor.

New beginnings

By 2014, three years after her surgery, Kristi had broadened her approach to her physical and mental health. She had enlisted a naturopath, osteopath, acupuncturist,  and kinesiologist.

By focussing more on the fundamentals of hydration, nutrition, sleep, stress management and exercise – as well as her clinical treatment plan – Kristi regained her overall health and wellbeing.

A mission to help others

Since then, the principle podiatrist and director of two Allied Health practices has qualified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. And she is determined to help others speed up the healing process and return to their best life, sooner.

Introducing Allied Wellness!

~ This post is dedicated to the beautiful Kristi’s Memory  ~

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