It is wintertime,  things grow still and deep. Now is the perfect time to practice moments of silence. Ask yourself, when do you have moments of silence and stillness? These moments can grant us clarity, quiet, and an opportunity to listen to the subtle sounds, both within and without.

In this fast-paced world we share, we are bombarded by information each and every day. It is an information/stimulation overload, i Phones, I pad, Emails, TV, there is no escape and it’s an assault on the senses.

We have bought into the cult of ‘busy’, and what we have lost is the ability to just ‘be’. Ultimately all this connection does is create disconnection.

When we observe silence, we become more mindful as well as become more connected to both our inner and outer landscape.

Here are some simple ways you can begin the sacred practice of silence.

Slow down and listen. 

Listen to the world around you.



You will never expand or learn without listening to what is being said.

When we are talking, we are not listening.

Focus on the silent pauses. 

The moment between the word, between the sounds, and between the breath.

Observe this practice of silence for at least one to two hours every day.

Limit conversation on the telephone, internet and in person.

Watch your words.

No gossiping, swearing, cursing, judging, or criticizing.

Avoid putting yourself down or anyone down.

Use words as medicine.

Record your experiences, lessons, tests, and blessings.

Feel the natural ebb and flow of your qi cycles and honour these.

Listen to your body.

Be silent during your menstrual phase.

Rest when you feel unwell or are rundown.

Through this practice, we will discern whether people are speaking the truth.

We will have the ability to hear more than the words that are being spoken.

We will learn to listen to our hearts.

We can hear the unspoken words, unspoken fears, and unspoken desires.

We can hear the nonverbal language of animals and the world around us.

This will heighten our intuition and inner knowing.

This grants us an opportunity to be still.


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