Let's clarify our services, and what to expect regarding our appointments, and modalities.

your First appointment

Allow an hour for your first appointment.   We need enough time to take your case study.  Your case study will include lots of information about you.  For example, your dietary habits, sleep patterns, medical history, and medications.  In conclusion, we gather a clear picture of what brought you to us, and the best way forward.

Follow Up Appointments

After that, follow up appointments are usually 45 mins. However, this may very depending on your treatment plan.  

Tongue and Pulse

During this time,  your tongue and pulse diagnosis will be taken. These techniques are unique to Chinese medicine.  Similarly, tell the practitioner about the state of your body, according to Chinese medicine theory. 


A diagnosis will be reached, it will be discussed with you, and further more, we will clarify any questions you may have.

Treatment Plan

As a result of the above, Your treatment plan will be created.  To clarify, your treatment plan will involve a combination of the following modalities.  Most importantly, it is designed to promote your well-being and optimal health


Finally, a prognosis will be shared including the number of treatments needed and what you can expect.  Further more, any questions you have will be answered.  


In addition, if you need 6 or more treatments, a number of treatment packages will be made available. 


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Most Importantly

Treatments  will be explained clearly, including the benefits and risks.  Additionally,  your questions will be answered, and most importantly, treatments administered only with your full consent.

Smokeless Moxa is also available if you have a respiratory condition or if you find the smell  unpleasant.  

The clinic room is equipped with an air purifier, therefore making it a comfortable space for our clients.

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