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Welcome to The Barefoot Doctor's website.

It is an honour to have you as part of our wellness community.

We believe that everyone has a potent, and powerful role to play in their wellness, and healing.

Our mission is to help you uncover your truest potential.

We want to be a part of your story and support you in your journey.

If it’s your first time here, then rest assured you are in the right place!

This page was created because know all the information can be overwhelming.

Here you will find our absolute best resources to help you get started.

You will also find enough information to help you start navigating the site.

If you have specific concerns, check out the Treatment Plan.

Maybe you want to deal with stress, then make the most of our free guided meditations.

Perhaps you are wondering who Catherine is, and exactly what is it that she does?

Is she experienced? What is her message?

What is Chinese Medicine?

It’s all answered here, just follow the links below.

However, if you still have questions make sure to ask us, we love answering questions!

What is a Treatment Plan?

Here are some FREE guided meditations!

Here is an introduction to our Wellness Programs

Want to find The Wellness Podcast?

What are our latest events/workshops/retreats?

Who is Dr. Catherine Argyros?

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Are private health rebates available?

What were our previous events/workshops/retreats?

Where can you find Catherine?

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We love answering questions!

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