What is a wellness program?

That’s a great question.  This introduction to The Wellness Program will clarify that for you.  Wellness programs have made recent appearances within corporate settings however, natural healers have been creating these sorts of programs for decades to support their clients, both in the short and long term. 

We need to ask ourselves, what aspects of ourselves do we need to consider to be truly well?  To truly honour this process we need to take all aspects of our selves, our mind, our body, our home, our relationships, our work, and our soul food. 

There fore, to support you in your ‘well being’,  we cover everything.

A wellness program can and is often designed to improve your health, thereby include exercise, weight loss programs, detox schedules,  however its the preventative strengths it has that I want you to take away from this. 

When we approach you holistically, we begin slowly, but in time encompass all aspects of your life.  The gradual approach, one you are in control of, makes it feel easy and gives you time to create new habits.  In no time, you'll feel the difference, but getting there should not be a struggle.   We may support you with herbs, supplements, meditation and breath-work. 

What was old is new again

As mentioned above, this is not new,  Chinese Medicine practitioners have been doing this for thousands of years.  There is a reason why this practice has lasted the test of time, and has been reborn a new, it is because it works.  

However, this is not  your ordinary 'Wellness Program', our programs are seasonal, unique to each individual, and based on time honoured practices such as Chinese Medicine, and Yoga tailored to your needs. 

You will be supported,  each step of the way, via in clinic or skype consultations.   Make an appointment to discuss today. 

This is your program.

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