The Red Tent is a space for healing, connection, and celebrating the divine feminine.

Within us, 

within the women around us,

and within our natural world.

the red tent

Today,  we meet our co-host, Cynthia Rugari.  She will be joining us once a month for our red tent episodes. Together, we will discover, honour, heal, empower, and reclaim the sacred feminine.   

Cynthia is a spiritual warrior and facilitator of both women and girl's circles.   She posses a gentle, intuitive nature that is both warm and wise.  I'm blessed to call her my circle sister, and friend. 

Cynthia Rugari

Cynthia Rugari

Introduction to Red Tents

In our first episode together, we discuss the history of Red Tents, and why women and men need their sacred space. What is the difference between the two?   We also cover the importance of reclaiming rites of passage, healing the sacred feminine, and how to honour ourselves and one another. Finally, we touch on how holding these circles helps to heal ourselves and in turn the world.  Yes, circles really are that important. We've been holding circles since man could walk upright, and could sit around a fire.   Its our oldest form of social interaction, and as one of our oldest archetypal* experiences, holds a central role within our psyche.  

What is a Red Tent?

A red tent is a space where women can gather together.  They share their stories,  and connect via their cycles, of body and life,  thus creating sister-hood. 

Why set up a Red Tent?

This is a healing space, where you can share aspects of yourself, and your story.  We are able to reconcile our shadow.  This is also a space of celebrating and rejoicing in what it means to be a woman, honouring our bodies, and our cycles as we do so.  

How to start a Red Tent?

It is easy!  Grab a few of friends, and start getting together.  You can make this whatever you need.  If wine, cheese, and good company make you happy then go for it!  Want to start connecting with external factors, like the moon, stars, sun, and earth?  Then do that too!  You probably have already been doing so, just trust your intuition.   

The most important thing is you are able to hold a space, that is safe, confidential, and non judgmental.  Love is the motivating force, and therefore love will be healing.  

Whether alone, or with friends, you can also join us for our monthly Red Tents!  To help guide you, we'll be sharing themes, tips, and meditations.

Book List

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

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*What is an archetype?

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