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this is where you will find all the episodes, media, links, and show notes. 

The Wellness Podcast is about sharing information with the general public, 

its purpose is to inspire and motivate people to not only think outside the box, but to find the support they need 

to apply something new and different when it comes to their health.  

We understand how challenging it can be when accessing new information, it can often be confusing and contradictory, 

and we want to help clear that up.  

You will also find articles and print media where Catherine shares her thoughts on mindfulness, and slow living. 

Catherine is passionate about sharing her message, and loves using these various platforms to help motivate and inspire others. 

Further more, Catherine believes sharing information is  vital because it can and should be empowering.

We understand that clients only stand to benefit when they are supported by a team of multi skilled professionals,

therefore we love hearing from others, as well as, collaborating with like minded folks. 

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