The Wellness Podcast

Introduction to The Wellness Podcast

The Wellness Podcast  is presented to you by Dr. Catherine Argyros, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, and wellness coach, who is passionate about the healthy, alternatives natural medicine has to offer.

The aim is to help others reclaim their connection and live with awareness. We do this by sharing tips on how to nourish the body and spirit whilst bringing balance and harmony.

This requires returning to our natural state, the one in which we live by nature, seasonal eating and treating the body with the respect it and we deserve. Bodies not only need to last us a lifetime, they also need to work well-bringing quality to our lives. Furthermore, it does not have to be hard or expensive.

Through the podcast we will be sharing simple truths and wisdom that help us in the short and long term. The aim is having a proactive relationship, employed to empower you along your path. Topics we cover include, preventative approaches, alternative medicine, meditation, yoga, healthy, detox, ritual, fasting, gut health, and fermentation, healing the inner child, gardening, greening the home. It is a multilayered approach, and we hope a fun one too.

We are interconnected and whole, and of course, the body, mind, spirit, and home, impact one another. However, to make it easier to navigate we have categorized the episodes into the above. That way, if its stress you are dealing with, look in the 'mind' category, or if you're wanting to feed your soul, check out our 'spirit' episodes. Having said that, you will find that our episodes overlap into all those categories with a little of something in each.

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