All you need is just a few simple herbs in the cupboard

and you have a potent recipe in helping you fight off colds and flu

Ingredients such as elderflower and yarrow can be found in your local health food shops,

or if you are blessed with a green thumb you can try growing some at home.

Use this tea as soon as any symptoms arise.

Wei Qi is the Chinese medicine equivalent of your immune system.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Tea”

  1. anairene

    Hi Katerina! Just listened to your podcast and it is EXCELLENT!
    Your voice warm and sunny and you read
    with a lovely entonation and phrasing.
    Well done and I look forward to many many more!!!!❤️ anairene

    1. catherineargyros

      Thank you so much Anairene! That means so much to me. It makes me so happy to receive such beautiful, heartfelt, comments <3

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