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What is a treatment Plan?

A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  treatment plan can be acupuncture only or herbal medicine only; and on their own, each will effectively treat a wide range of diseases.

However, the majority of doctors will use both, and agree that the best treatment consists of a combination of both.   Therefore, you can expect your treatment to consist of  acupuncture once a week with herbs taken between treatments.

Acupuncture and herbs work together, and support each other.  They work in a synergistic pattern.  For example, with a knee injury,   acupuncture needles are inserted at the site of injury to increase the flow of qi to the injured area. Subsequently, herbs with a strengthening and anti-inflammatory action will also be prescribed.  

Different Modalities

Further more, once the inflammation subsides, moxibustion and massage will be used.  Finally, as the condition further improves, qi gong and tai qi exercises will be added to the treatment plan.  

There is no typical duration of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine, each case is individual. A person with an acute condition can feel better after just one acupuncture treatment,   However, a person with a chronic disorder will need weekly acupuncture and daily herbal medicine for a few months before the condition is healed. Your treatment plan will evolve with you. 

Regardless, the practitioner chooses the treatment modality which is the most effective for you.  This will be based on their experience, and your individual case history.   This will consist of various modalities, go HERE for further information. 

Modern Twists

These treatment methods form part of an ancient tradition, however, Chinese medicine continues to evolve, and new treatment modalities have been introduced.  Therefore,  electro-acupuncture,  laser acupuncture, and healing heat lamps are included. 

With the wealth of knowledge from the past joining the ingenuity of the future, traditional Chinese medicine possesses a powerful set of tools which support our patients.    

In conclusion, your treatment plan is not only based on a time honoured ancient practice, but also a research based medicine. Which provides proven treatment protocols your doctor will follow.  Further more, there are little to no risks or side effects. Couple this with its potent preventative measures, and the ability to get to the root cause of disease.  Further more, results in a viable and gentle alternative, you will benefit from. 

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