The benefits of meditation

what are the benefits of meditation?

The benefits of meditation are numerous! Studies now prove that everyone can benefit from meditation. Most importantly, this practice forms the corner stone of a good wellness or treatment plan. Why? Because its free, secondly, you can do it at home, furthermore, you can do it alone, and finally, the continuity this affords make the benefits enormous. When I recommend meditation to someone it is for a variety of reasons. Often, they will need help with stress, anxiety, depression, and in these instances  a grounding meditation is ideal.  

Another type of meditation, Yoga Nidra,  is perfect for supporting a long term goal such as, fertility, or when living with chronic illness.  Likewise, it is helpful for someone dealing with chronic pain, or for those wanting to change a behaviour, for example, anger management.  Likewise, when someone wants to change a habit, for instance giving up smoking.  

Yoga Nidra is a form of self-hypnosis.  Firstly you are guided through a body scan, and when you reach a deep level of relaxation, you are asked to state your "Sankalpa" 3 times.    Sankalpa is sanskrit and means 'intention'.  In the same vein as creative visualization, you can liken it to a seed of intention we plant in our subconscious.  

However, there are some rules around your Sankalpa.  It must be positive, it must be said in the present tense (as if already achieved), finally, it needs to be a long-term goal of at least 2-3 months to achieve.  

For example, if someone is dealing with chronic back pain their sankalpa may be 'I am pain free'.

What is Meditation?

In short, meditation is a practice we perform to help us connect our mind. Certainly, it is called a practice, because the more we do it, the better we become and the easier it becomes. When performed regularly meditation has a profound effect on our nervous system, clearing our mind and helping us deal with everyday stresses and challenges. It does this by balancing our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, dampening down adrenal function and subsequent stress hormones.

Above all, meditation is NOT about sitting on top of a mountain, undisturbed in full lotus pose, with empty mind and stillness. Not that there is anything wrong with that, however, I want to be clear with you. If this is the ideal you are aiming for you will most probably fail. Perhaps it was possible once, in ancient times when a guru lived an isolated life in the Himalayan caves, a time before cell phones and busy lives, demanding kids and mouths to feed. In modern times this a near impossible state for most of us to achieve, myself included, and I've been actively meditating for over seven years. Let go of the pressure, and instead anchor your thoughts to the breath or guided mediation, lots of free ones above.

Furthermore, you do not have to meditate for long periods to time achieve all the wonderful benefits. Studies show that you only need to meditate for 10 mins at a time, at least 4 days a week.

This makes meditation achievable to everyone.

How do we Meditate?

My number one tip is making it easy on yourself, by making it simple you set yourself up for success.

Do it at a time you know you will not be disturbed, a quiet time, before life gets too busy and it ends up low on your list of priorities.

Make the most of tools that support you like music or guided mediation.

Remember, like everything it does take some practice and the more we do it the easier it becomes.

You do not need to silence the mind, thoughts are normal. Anchor the mind to the breath or guided meditations.

Meditation can be anything that anchors the mind, including gardening, exercise, yoga, or playing a musical instrument.

So, find a space you won't be disturbed, get comfortable, relax and enjoy!

Meditation music 

For when you want to practice with your inner voice 


What is a journey?  A journey is a guided meditation with a specific outcome.  It is also a type of self-hypnosis.  

Included here are journeys, with a small description and a link to its relative post.  

I suggest you read through the material first and utilize it if you believe it to be beneficial.  

Healing our Inner Child Journey

The inner child is that small part of us that adults often express through their emotions. However, our inner child may be wounded, and crying out for attention.
This pain is held in their subconscious. The scars of childhood abuse and neglect affect adults’ brains for decades to come. Even if the events of your past were traumatic, the therapy does not have to be.  This journey give you an opportunity to meet, connect, love, and heal, your inner child.

Cleansing of the Cords

This exercise is for those times when we experience unhealthy connections to others, addictions, and ourselves.

What is this? It is an exercise you can perform whenever you feel there are negative cords attached to you. These cords may come in the form of anger, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, or triggered responses such as self-harming, addictive behaviours, or negative bonds to others.

I know that folks do a 'Cutting of the Cords', exercise, but I am not a big fan of this. I will explain why. These cords are still a part of us, they belong to us, they are made up of our energy and our life force. Therefore, I prefer to cleanse, clear, and reabsorb or reclaim the cords.

In this exercise we work with the Dan Tien. Read about this power centre


Make sure to do this as often as you need. 

david lynch on transcendental meditation

Consciousness, Creativity and the benefits of 

Transcendental Meditation (TM)

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