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The Stomach & Spleen

The Centre

The Stomach and Spleen

Earth is mother, peacemaker, and lover of harmony, her devoted, receptive nature is the perfect complement to the creative powers of heaven.

In the House of the Moon

The earth element represents the centre of the five elements.

Within the qi cycle and in between the seasons we always return to the earth. Its spiritual quality is that of a balanced, earth person will be supportive, relaxed, considerate, well-integrated and cantered.

Any excess will manifest as over-protectiveness and worry while deficiency could result in hunger for nourishment, an obsessive individual constantly searching for answers outside themselves. Imbalance can manifest as addiction, being 'flaky', and not being able to uphold their boundaries.

The period just between the transformations of one phase to another and in between one season and another is when the phase moves to earth. Earth represents the centre; it is neutral, and the balance of yin and yang energy is equal and thus can relate to all phases. The afternoon is the earth phase of the daily cycle. Earth corresponds to the season known as Indian summer. That intense time when all four seasons combine to create heaven on earth. This is the twilight period at the end of one season and the beginning of another.

Earth calls us back home, offering a safe haven where we can rest and refresh our spirits

Earth calls us back home, offering a safe haven where we can rest and refresh our spirits.

In the House of the Moon

Earth is the centre point, between opposing forces. Being grounded helps us to resolve our differences and find sensible solutions to even the most difficult of times. Earths wisdom is contained within the wise words of the

Tao Te Ching “just stay at the centre of the circle and let all things take their course”

Yi, or our intent, is the spirit residing in the spleen, our earth organ. Another of its functions is mental digestion. When we have a healthy Yi, our thoughts are balanced, for it presents the heart with images that create our thoughts. The nurturing and bonding aspect of the earth element has its crucial first beginnings with the mother-child relationship. This first bond is a template for future relationships. If our early relationships and bonds are unhealthy then these create an unhealthy Yi. It may result in unhealthy relationships and bonds, with people, substances, and addictions, later in life.

Stable, quiet, compassionate, and well-grounded are traits that a balanced earth nature holds. You can move out of yourself and experience another’s world and with ease return to your centre. Earth is being able to know yourself so well and hold strong boundaries that you can experience another without confusing who you are in the process.

“Everything that is created by the Universe meets in the centre and is absorbed by the Earth”

The Yellow Emperors Classic

In the House of the Moon

Earth: The Peacemaker

An individual with an affinity to Earth has the capacity to nurture herself and others,

mediate disputes and create loving communities. 

Earth types thrive on peace and harmony and are thrown off balance by disagreement and discord.

Natural quality: fertile, nourishing, solid, restful

Emotion: caring and concern

Balanced: supportive, relaxed, considerate

Imbalanced Excess: overprotective, worried, meddlesome

Deficiency: hungry for nourishment, attention, and love

Spiritual Quality: grounded

Season: Indian Summer or the transition period between seasons

Climate: dampness, thunder

Direction: Centre

Time of day: 7- 11 am

Colour: yellow

Smell: fragrant, ripe, sweet, fruits

Taste: subtle sweetness and simple foods

Sound: singing

Organs: Yin/Spleen Yang/Stomach

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